Orient Way Sports socks Co., Ltd
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Orient Way is a sports socks manufacturer. We have been doing sport socks oem service for 18 years. All of our customers is from foreign countries. 62.34% is North America and 37.41% is Western Europe.Any question please feel free to contact us.

high quality wholesale custom athletic socks for sportwear



M611592athletic socks
M611593print socks
M611599football socks
( M=制造商, E=出口商, I=进口商, S=服务商 )
Orient Way Sports socks Co., Ltd
Zhicun 1st Road NO.48, Dashi Town, Panyu district
Guangzhou, 广东省
中国 511430
  • Tel : 86-020-29816556
  • Homepage : http://www.owsock.com
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    公司信息| 浏览产品目录
    发送咨询邮件 | 加入信息库 | 我的供求信息

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